Tuesday, 13 October 2015

"The Daydreamer" First Draft script

Intro :

  • Camera shot of room and character in bed.
  • Close up of the alarm clock going off at 5:00am.
  • Character turns off the alarm and wakes up.
  • Walks away sluggishly into the shower or prepares for work.
  • Cuts to a high a angle shot of the character walking through a London side street, the scene is dull and gritty.
  • Camera follows route.
  • character walks down to get the underground train, and there is a large crowd of commuters.
  • the train doors open.
  • Cuts to black.

Part 2:
  • Alarm goes off again at 5:00am. The next day is the same.
  • Instead it cuts straight to the underground scene.
  • Doors open and then cuts to black again, with the sound of the train moving in the background.
  • Next morning the alarm goes off at 5:00am.
  • Sound of train doors opening.
  • Cuts to character on the train.
  • The Character turns his head to look out of the window of the train.
  • Then there is a sudden flash of a surreal daydream landscape.
  • Cuts to the characters face shocked/confused.
  • Character moves to the window to look out.
  • He tries to see if the businessman next to him can see the same thing. The businessman tries to ignore the character as he thinks him to be crazy.
  • The Daydream landscape disappears, so the character dismisses it and carries on with his route to work.
  • The character steps off the train but ends up in the daydream world.
  • He follows a path which starts morphing.
  • The daydream is interrupted when he trips/falls over the ticket barrier.
  • The character seems confused.
  • Elements of the daydream snap in and out of reality.

Part 3:
  • The Character begins to enjoy and embrace the daydream world compared to the real world.( This is shown with a wide angle panoramic, with the character on top of a vantage point over-looking the surreal landscape.
  • Joy is shown in the character's face.
  • He takes a leap, but it all suddenly disappears and he falls back into his office chair.
  • There is a moment when he has a pause and stares at the desk, but he notices a door in the background.
  • He walks over to it and opens it.
  • On the other side, there is the dreamworld.
  • He gives a glance behind him as if to say goodbye to his old life.
  • He jumps/ steps through the door.
  • Screen goes blank.

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