Friday, 9 October 2015

Minor Project: "The Daydreamer" Sketches and Animatic

For this Animation, ideally I would like to bring my concept art to life, except I'm going for a less real approach and more towards the surreal cartoon-like style. Above is a concept for how the environment will appear at  the start of the story, so I've chose to set it in London as this will allow me to collect photographs and sketches to work from. Although the scenes will change and deform during the main characters daydreams, creating a contrast between these two worlds.

At the moment i'm not sure what style I would like to create the character, so above I've produced a range of different appearances and shapes. The ones that stand out the most to me are; 1,5, 8 & 11. Below is the first part of the animatic, it shows the repetitive lifestyle of the character, but one day something strange and different happens which will eventually lead him on a different route.

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