Friday, 6 February 2015

Adaption Part A Submission

The making of How To Make Your Own Infographic">

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  1. My honest reaction to watching your infographic Sam is a bit of confusion. On the one hand I like its retro ‘rubber hose animation’ theme and your use of a character (he’s fun), however on the other hand overall your infographic lacks finesse and consistency - On one level this is in the use of animation (timing) such as the pie charts arriving on screen which take far too long and ‘fact 4’s’ text which arrives slowly too. However on a more conceptual level there’s a distinct difference in the quality of your scenes when your character is on screen - The later scenes are much more appealing than the earlier ones, particularly the pie chart scene which is the weakest. It’s also odd that your character arrives midway through your infographic instead of being introduced at the start? In simplistic terms if you have used your character as the consistent thread running through your infographic (everything is happening to him/ he is the audience) the earlier scenes would have had a focus and the work overall would have been more consistent.
    Note: The ending is very abrupt…again this may have been solved by understand the role of the character better.
    Note: I’m not convinced that I learnt very much about the construction of infographics by watching your film. This is possibly due to the simplicity of your visual delivery of information and your ‘overlaid’ theme (rubber hose/ old movie). - So I’m going to contradict myself a little here by saying that I’m not fully convinced by use of a theme and a character in regard to the clear and creative delivery of information…yes using rubber hose animation as a theme is fun and yes using a character throughout would ‘fix’ the film you have but if you were starting again I would suggest focusing more on referencing the world /culture of graphic designers (the origins of your topic) and less on an historic animation theme.