Wednesday, 22 January 2014

From Script to Screen: Logline, premise and Story.


The Life of the Retired Superhero.


The life of a retired Superhero who relives his past life of being the hero.


Eric (aka. Captain Justice)
Age: 68
Janitor at The Gallery of Historic Art.

In an Art Gallery containing Art of some of the most important figures throughout time, works Eric. An ordinary old Janitor living a simple life at first glance, yet unknown to anyone else he was one of the earliest Superheroes during the 1940's he had the extraordinary abilities of strength and flight. Now retired he has become a Janitor to hide his past identity. The reason for choosing this was due to the image of an old man having the abilities of a hero, giving an insight to what a superhero does if they retire, which is rarely shown in the comic universe, as well as a Janitor being the least suspected person to be a Hero.

This story will be of the day when an innocent bystander witnesses The Janitor's powers, as he aids the person. The surroundings will be of the interior of the Art Gallery, so this will include pieces of art, including a statue in remembrance of Captain Justice. By seeing this statue, Eric is reminded of his alter ego, and the statue acts as a way for the other character to realise who Eric was.
The story may still require some adjustments and it is clearer to understand through storyboard which I will create, yet the story goes as follows;

  • Opens with the bystander preferably a child, as this will give the story a bit more innocence, standing in front of a painting which will be of the object chosen, which is of a deck chair as I found this to be the most believable way of incorporating this into the plot.
  • It then cuts to the Janitor walking in the gallery, having the camera follow above over shoulder, so not too much is shown of the character at first.
  • With the use of a zoom out, Eric walks along and stops at the statue of Captain Justice, he is either reminded of his past by flashback, or it could be used with a pause and a show of emotion from Eric. Then the camera follows as he carries on towards the other character's direction.
  • The Child is holding a balloon in one hand, camera pans left as Eric walks past, and then transitions to a close up of the child's hand, showing the balloon slip out. By using a low angle shot the camera pans up as the balloon gradually floats upwards towards the ceiling of the Gallery.
  • Camera cuts to Eric who turns around to see child staring up at the balloon, with a smile on his face he stands next to the bystander and flies up gracefully, grabs the ballon and then floats back down. 
  • The child is astonished, and the final shot is with Eric landing with the statue of his former self Captain Justice behind him, both with the same pose.

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