Thursday, 22 October 2015

"The Daydreamer" First set of Thumbnails

These first thumbnails are starting points of how I would like both worlds to appear in colour and style. The reality will be set in London so the colours are going to have this dullness to them and a gritty feel to it, so the dreamworld is the complete opposite. It will be vibrant in colour and have an organic, flowing feel to it. One element I liked the most was the second to last image, which truly captures a surreal appearance, in this I merged elements of the real with the dream.


  1. Looks exciting, Sam! Now - I want you to deal with the mechanics of your story - get it into a format that can be watched and experienced and critiqued as 'film' - and also I want you to make an appointment with Alan to discuss possibilities for using your concept art within Maya creatively, I know he has some ideas on just this subject! :)