Sunday, 27 September 2015

Minor Project- Idea Proposal

Now the final project has begun, and my main idea will be to create a short animation. The main theme it will focus upon is escapism from daily life through Daydreaming, so it will be based upon a main Protagonist who will go in and out of a surreal world or he will be interupted by these daydreams. So i'm not sure yet whether he'll be in control of the daydreams, or the daydreams will take control of his story (appear randomly in the animation).
I have realised on this course that my stronger skills are probably in digital painting, so I want to capture this is the animation. For the overall appearance I would like to go down the route of combining 2D and 3D, so this may have 2D painted backgrounds and then a 3D character. An example of this being used is the animation below (Everything I can see from here By The Line). 

The two worlds will contrast and conflict with each other style-wise, so this will be achieved either through colour or some other way. Below, the Dulux Advert is an example of how a new world can be created with the introduction of colour.

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