Monday, 23 February 2015

Adaption Project Part B- New Idea

Disney Version of Pinocchio.
For the Adaption Part B I've decided to start again with a character that has more to them and allows me to adapt further. I've chose the story of Pinocchio, but this has been shown as a heart-warming  and whimsical tale due to Disney's adaption, so I went back and looked at the origins of the tale.
Originally it was an Italian child story written by Carlo Lorenzini in 1883, after reading through the story, it appeared to be a lot darker. Pinocchio kills Jiminy Cricket with a hammer, His feet are burnt off and Pinocchio is hanged.

The story was used to express Carlo Lorenzini's political views of the Unification of Italy in 1830. During this time there was also the Europe Revolutions, so i've decided to base this Pinocchio during the Revolution in France, as this will allow a lot more choices in design of the character. Pinocchio will be based on the effigies, which are dummy-like figures that are hanged during the protests, this would relate to the hanging of Pinocchio in the original story and some effigies resembled puppets as well.

The overall look will be suitable for an older audience, and it will be somewhat similar to elements seen in Tim Burton films as they use aspects that are gritty and dark.

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