Thursday, 22 January 2015

Adaption Part B- Ideas and research

For the part B adaption project I wanted to adapt the story called 'Godfather Death By Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm (Brothers Grimm)'. This is a fairytale in which the personification of Death becomes the Godfather of a child, it is this child who tries to trick death yet in the end his life is taken.
The main elements I wanted to take from this story; was the use of a candle that symbolises a persons life (the taller the candle, the longer the life), and the personification of Death. But due to the theme of Death being so generic and overused, I will have to find a way to adapt this in my own way...

For the Project, it will use black and white animation as it is this minimalistic style that I enjoy making the most.

And below is another style of animating which uses the same simple concept of two contrasting tones. It's called La Linea, an animated Italian Series created by Osvaldo Cavandoli in 1969. It is a single continuous line which forms the character, and I have the idea that line could come out from the candle and then show elements of the 'Godfather Death' story.


Influences were from the Montmatre Cemetery in Paris, due to the statues sitting amongst the graves, then there was the Three Brothers animation from Harry Potter, which is highly stylized from shadow puppets, but I will not use this style as I am more interested in the Death Character. 
Any Feedback would be helpful, on the idea and how I would make it. :)

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