Thursday, 20 February 2014

Script to Screen- Updated Script

                                              Unit 3: Storytelling and Commission- Script
                                                         The Retired Superhero
                                                         Written By Sam Cannon

EXT. Garden Scene, Midday.
Background Music is a cheerful relaxed instrumental.
WIDE SHOT. Camera focuses on the sun to show midday, blue sky.
CAMERA SHOT PANS DOWN. Revealing garden area.
CAMERA PANS LEFT. Showing rest of area, and silhouette of main character.
LONG-SHOT. Character walks towards the camera, coming more into focus.
OVER-SHOULDER CAMERA SHOT. Follows behind character
CLOSE-UP SHOT. To show face of protagonist, is an ordinary old man. Old man smiles and rearranges his glasses.

EXT.  Garden Area part 2.

CUTS TO EXTREME LONG-SHOT. He walks into his shed to grab a deck chair.
WIDE-SHOT. The old man slowly sits onto the chair, and slouches back in relaxation. Birds and sounds of Spring can be heard in the background.
CAMERA ZOOMS IN. On the Old man, as a loud crack is heard. The chair collapses in on itself. He gets up off the ground groaning and sets the Deck chair up again.
The chair collapses again, the Old man expresses his anger.
TRANSITIONS INTO EXTREME LONG-SHOT. Of the Old man walking back to his shed, he goes inside.

INT. SCENE 2. Inside Shed.

LOW ANGLE CLOSE-UP SHOT. He picks up an old flower pot, revealing a hidden button on a panel on the floor.
MIDSHOT. INT. Elevator. Behind the Old man as the elevator goes down.
ZOOMS IN. As the doors of the elevator open.
OVER-SHOULDER CAMERA. Follows him while walks out.

INT. Hero Gallery Hall.

WIDE ANGLE LONG-SHOT. Showing a long hallway gallery with glass cases containing items form the Old mans past. He slowly walks towards the camera.
TRANSITIONS TO WIDE-SHOT. He stands and stares at a statue of a superhero in pose, resembling a younger version of the Old man.
ZOOMS IN. Revealing the name of the hero on a plaque, saying "in recognition of Captain Justice".
CAMERA ROTATES CLOCKWISE. With a glass case lit up by spotlights.
EXTREME CLOSE-UP SHOT. Of the Old man staring into the case, with a small glimpse of the item.

EXT. SCENE 3. Garden Area.

LONG-SHOT. Of the shed, with a dark figure emerging form the door. The Old man walks out holding a weapon taken from one of his old arch-enemies during his days of being a superhero, and he goes towards the Deck chair.
WIDE-SHOT. Of the Old man faced 1v1 with chair resembling a duel from an old western film. He draws the gun and points it at the chair, a flash of light is emitted from the gun.
EXPLOSION SOUND. The Deck chair goes up into a mushroom cloud of smoke and flames.


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