Wednesday, 29 January 2014


OGR soundscape The Screaming Pope

Rest of OGR has been posted on blog as separate files.


  1. Well done Sam, your soundscape succeeds in supporting and enhancing the narrative of your animatic. You demonstrate a strong sense of spatial awareness – the opening scene with the crowd works well in creating the sense of a large space, and the sound of the distant, muffled bell in the corridor convinces the viewer of being in a new, ‘inside’ space.

    Don’t be afraid of being even more bold in your use of sound. Some of your SFX would benefit from better defnition. and also be aware of perspective – for example at 48s it would be nice to hear the footsteps more clearly, then hear them recede as the character moves away down the corridor. Similarly, at 1. 05s you could do more with volume to give a sense that the character is moving towards the viewer – this is an example of using the soundtrack to keep the narrative moving while the image remains static.

    But you have made a great attempt at enhancing your story with sound. A good test is always to re-watch the video with the sound off and see ho much you miss the sound – your animatic is significantly enhanced by your soundscape. Well done.

  2. Second year Sam needs you and your subconscious! See link: