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The Shining Film Review- Mise-en-scene

Fig1: The Shining poster (1980)

This psychological Horror directed by the genius Stanely Kubrick, is admired as being one the greatest horror films in cinema. The film follows the insanity of character Jack, who eventually tries to kill his family with an axe in an isolated hotel. Due to the director's eye for perfectionism, the design of the film was integral, as well as the the visual design and the production design. One recurring element in The Shining is the entrapment in Mazes, there is seen in the scene with Danny playing on the carpet.

Fig2: Danny playing on carpet,
At first appearing innocent, yet he is shown enclosed in the pattern, this ideology is also aided with the use of a low angle shot looking down at him. Other cinematography which includes the overlook shot which is at an angle to discomfort to the viewer, then there is the steady cam which follows Danny on a toy tricycle, evoking unease. One aspect that I found to have the same effect, was the use Kubrick's one point perspective as it appears unnatural.Another thing with The Shining is the sense of isolation is extremely well communicated. Where there's lots of shots of empty rooms, hallways, scenes that show the fact that there's nothing nearby that's inhabited, such as the iconic room 237.
Fig3: close up shot of empty room 237

One aspect that was focused on in The Shining was the use of colour and how it symbolises different aspects of the film; red the dominant colour in most scenes is a symbol of violence, hate and blood lust which creates a feeling of danger and anxiety, then theres blue, which is cold and is a symbol of Jack's loneliness that results in his paranoia and insanity. Another meaning behind the use of colours is to do with America against the native Indians 
"In the first half of the film, when Torrance is still relatively free of Hotel Ghost Syndrome, both his wife and son dress in a series of outfits that all prominently feature patriotic shades of red and blue.But once Torance starts going loco, his wardrobe becomes red and blue while his wife's suddenly morphs into more earthy colours, with the exception of her screaming-yellow TEEPEE JACKET." - C. Coville Jan/18/20116-famous-movies-with-mind-blowing-hidden-meanings 

Fig1: The Shining Poster(1980)  - online

Fig2: Danny playing on carpet, screenshot  -  online[

Fig3: close up shot of empty room 237   - online

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