Wednesday, 20 November 2013

OGR 2- Amazonian Jester


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  1. OGR 21/11/2013

    Hey Sam,

    Really excited by that final concept painting with the exuberant lighting; all I'm going to say is that I think it's important to include some more conspicuously 'jungle' elements - big leaf shapes, in silhouette or layered in translucent patterns - just to put the 'Amazon' back into that space: I shared this animation on the group blog a few days ago, and it's got an element of what I'm talking about in terms of the evocation of foliage and sense of verdant surroundings:

    In terms of your masks, I like number 1 and 4 - but 1 most of all. Again, you might have seen this film before, I can't help thinking of it when I look at your designs:

    I look forward to seeing you translate these mood paintings into CGI - but just a prod; I want a complete submission from you Sam, come week 12. I want my students to be extraordinary all-rounders who laugh in the face of Maya and written assignments - so get on with everything and keep on top of your workload please.