Sunday, 10 November 2013

La Belle at La Bete 1946_ Jean Cocteau

review beauty and the beast


  1. Hi Sam,
    I am going to comment on this review, but the comments also stand for your King Kong and Metropolis reviews too...

    Ok, some general pointers; try and always write in the third person, rather than the first, as this will give your writing a much more academic sound. (You have done that more in this review, but not so much in the earlier two...) Although you are meant to be reviewing the film, it is for the purpose of discussing the cinematography, rather than a personal discussion on whether or not you enjoyed the film :)

    When you use a quote, make sure you introduce it and then unpick it, to show it's relevance; so for example, your quote about Christian Bérard could have been followed up with a discussion on the use of lighting to give the same chalk-effect as the concept art.
    Quotes need to be in italics, and are referenced with the authors surname and the date of publication in brackets - nothing more than that within the text. So your first quote would be referenced (Crowther, 2003). Your bibliography has all the other details - look here for full information on how to reference different sources -

    Your images also need to be referenced in a specific way - again, the guide will show you what is required. You should label your images 'Figure 1' and so on, and give them a brief description (ie 'Concept art', 'Film poster', 'Belle running through hallway' etc) as this makes it easier to refer to them in the text; you can then say for example, 'as shown in figure 2' etc.

  2. Hi,
    thanks for the comment, I will do this in next ones.