Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Greenlight Review- The Wizard Of Oz

Official Greenlight Review -Wizard of Oz-">


  1. OGR 11/10/2013

    Hey Sam,

    It's always exciting to see a student enjoying themselves creatively, and the one thing you don't need to be reminded of is the concept artist's duty in terms of 'super-sizing' the available detail in a literary source. I find it very encouraging that you have the confidence to go beyond the literal and think more expressively and loosely about the content so described. Your digital thumbnails are very evocative and your use of colour is again refreshing because you don't seem to be afraid of it, or too hide-bound by real world constraints in terms of lighting etc. That said, I think there's some clarification required at this stage in terms of your extracts; for example, it does appear as if you're siting the emerald city in all of the extracts, when in fact they're from different books and describing different cities; for example, the 'crystal cave' city isn't the Emerald city, and I'm pointing this out because there's a slight sense of sameiness getting started in your thumbnails and I just want to encourage you to be more of a tourist in Oz and enjoy depicting different spaces with different challenges. In another of the extracts, there's a description of the Queen's island city - again, this would bring you something different than caves and crystalline structures, so maybe check it out too.

    While we're on the subject of crystal caves, I'm assuming you've seen this amazing space already?

    Your OGR is lacking a definitive visual concept for your version of Oz (though I like the way you've factored the various movies into your thinking). I am very interested in you identifying some design rules for yourself, simply because I think that's the proper challenge of this unit. I'd also like to see a bit more 'off-beat' visual research in support of originating some properly original spaces; for example, you've got the emerald city, which I'd really like to see you 're-imagine', which might mean looking at references that have nothing to do with architecture at all - for example, looking at ceramics, or jewellery or glassware...

    In some respects your depiction of the Emerald City etc, is actually a bit generic - shards - so I'm just keen to see you really work into the design element more, as it's clear you can paint digitally and have a feel for the evocation of atmosphere. I just think you could a) be having more fun and b) bringing something unique to the project in terms of this over-depicted world.

    So - something a bit more designed, a bit quirkier and a bit more daring, Sam - what do you say?

    1. Hi Phil,

      Thanks for the feedback, yeh I agree with all of this. I think at the moment I've just stuck to one of the books and what I've seen in the films, so I will expand from this and hopefully have something a bit more different and more challenging in concept to show next week.