Thursday, 24 October 2013

Colour Study

Took about an hour and a half, was trying to practice painting straight away with colour.


  1. Hi Sam, nice painting! Other than Anthony and I your new creative partners are Candice and Livi. Make sure to post which secret lair you are doing when you get the opportunity e.g. "Space and Environment Project 2: Secret Lair of an Insectoid Soldier" for me. Our OGR is on Wednesday next week and there's specific things we need done so hopefully I'll be seeing project related things uploaded within the next couple days :) here's the OGR link:

  2. Evening Sam,

    I'm after a favour actually :) Would you be happy to email me a high-res version of your 'Yellow Brick Road' painting to I'm asking because I've been approached for some artwork for the new prospectus, and I think that image will work nicely. If you're okay with it - do please email me. Cheers!

    And yes - Danny's right - time is ticking; looking forward to seeing your thoughts on your Amazonian Jester :)