Thursday, 26 September 2013

Thumbnails no.1 -- Emerald City Ideas

These are multiple options for how the Emerald city landscape will look like, all are based on the similar design to a group of skyscraper (Mainly in the middle section).
At the moment i'm unsure of which ones to develop further, so I'll upload some more research first.


  1. These are looking good :), I like the 3rd one in on the second row a lot :)

  2. Thanks guys, and yeh i think I might attempt a colour version of that one.

  3. Hey Sam - lots to excite the eye here! Couple of pointers - number your thumbs so people can pick faves more easily; also - boring, I know - but proof-read before you post - you've spelled Emerald wrong in the post title. I really like the 'buttress' thumb (first long tall pic) and the 'misty' one, second in from right, on the bottom (see how numbers might help?). I'm sure your heart must have sunk a little when you got Oz - but the real challenge for you is bringing something new to this much-loved and over-depicted world.

  4. Many interesting thumbnails here, good job!
    I also think that number 3 has that 'something', therefore it's my favourite one from this set.
    Keep them coming : )

  5. Heyy Sam (: I'm one of your creative partners :P got to say your work is pretty impressive, I love how you've managed to emphasis detail but keep the sketchy aspect of thumbnails. I love how 10 and 12 add perspective and a sense of direction and I like the magical and mysterious vibe of 11. Keep up the good work d(^.^d)