Saturday, 21 September 2013

Tablet first attempt

This is my first proper attempt at using a tablet, this was mainly for an experimentation with a new photoshop brush set, similar to what CG Artist Jamie Jones uses.

This is the link:


  1. Hey Sam,

    Wow - lovely thumbnails pages on here - delicate pen and ink work, some great silhouettes, and I really like the delicacy of your mark-making. Very encouraging. And is this is your first trial with a pen and tablet, then I predict you're going to enjoy this first five weeks very much! Good stuff - I will just say however, that you may want to consider just lightening up your blog template a bit; you've got that lovely openness of line and negative space in your thumbnails, but your blog feels very 'windowless' and a bit claustrophobic. Why not consider looking at the art style of your turnarounds and perhaps importing a bit more of that into this working space? I think your viewers will thank you, and I think this way you'll be 'floating' your work on your template, as opposed to burying it. Anyway - that's your first bit of constructive criticism under your belt, Sam :) I look forward to seeing how your work develops over the next few weeks. Excited!

  2. Hi Sam! Welcome to CGAA. I'm Joey and about to head into third year. These are really cool thumnails, really like the machine and lifeform designs. Can't wait to see more of these!

    If you need help with anything, feel free to ask me on my blog: Looking forward to meet you! :D

  3. hi sam ,
    that looks really good and feels like the character in video games

  4. Wow Sam!

    First attempt using a tablet and you seem to be good at it already! Great stuff!

  5. Holy moly :D Wow! And welcomeeee!!I'm a second year in CGAA. All of your work is beautiful can't wait to see what you produce on your first environments project.

  6. Hey Sam, it was great meeting you on Friday over at spoons. This is a great piece of work for someone who has just used a tablet the textures look great. I'd also like to let you know that I'm your mentor, so if you need help with anything in particular feel free to E-mail me at or just leave me a comment on my blog here : .
    Remember to keep active, post as much as you can it's amazing the amount of feedback you will get on here, so never be afraid to post your work
    I'm really looking forward to seeing your thumbnails and finals for this project and the rest to come :)

  7. Hi Sam - see link!